Anime Boston 2013 – Afterthoughts

Hey, folks.

I just got back from my first, 3-day convention experience at Anime Boston 2013.  With these most recent experiences still fresh in my mind, I’m pleased to say that I had a lot of fun being there, considering how I like to dabble in anime from time to time.  It was great way to celebrate graduating from ClarkU.  I was already told that the main hall of Anime Boston would be much smaller than that of PAX East, and this turned out to be quite true as everything was relatively easy to navigate.  It was ridiculously colorful too.

I will admit i did feel somewhat out of place there.  I’m not as “devoted” to the anime universe like most people at conventions are.  I’ve never cosplayed in my life, I’m not one to buy large figurines or posters, and you’ll never see me with a dakimakura (google it, I dare you).  I just watch anime for the enjoyment of it.  It’s fun to watch, it can be influential, and it provides a nice escape from reality.  While I’m at it, I might as well list off some of my favorite anime: Madoka Magica, Nichijou, Kamichu!, and anything by Hayao Miyazaki.

I going off on a tangent, I know.

Anyway, the only figurines I ever bought during these three days were of the Witch Charlotte from Madoka Magica, because the monsters from the series remind how monsters are one of Japan’s greatest exports (I’ll have to talk about yokai and their influence in Japanese anime one of these days, I suppose)

The other reason why I enjoyed this convention was because It provided me with a way of promoting myself to other folks.  I made business cards just for this and I passed them to some good dealers and people that align with my interests.  I will be dropping some lines sometime in the near future.

Another thing I really enjoyed was going to panels, which is something I never thought to do at PAX East.  Going to some of these yokai-themed panels really opened my eyes to how the yokai and character archetype are in today’s anime.  I even managed to promote myself to someone who’s a literary editor and a cultural lecturer, and he told me he might know some people who can help me with my interests.  He told me to drop him a line, so I’ll have to do that soon.

So, there you go.  That’s my two cents on Anime Boston 2013, which was a blast.  Now I have to focus on job hunting, so please wish me luck!

Oh, expect me to starting uploading more Yokai Tanka soon.


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