Keep Running (For Boston)

The world is burning

And the earth roars

Like an atomic lizard,

Then it flies

In ten different directions,

Up in the sky

And back to the ground

With the force of a downpour.

The crowd is a disorganized orchestra,


And screams

Going off at once.

It sounds like your finger nails

Against the chalkboard.

The world is ablaze,

But you can’t tell,

Because you’re already dominated

By yourself.

You’re sweating so hard

You’ve become your own rain cloud.

The only sound in your ears

Is your own breathing,

And it’s at a steady pace.

Your muscles are stretching and squeezing,

Paining your body with determination.

The world is alive,

But you can’t hear it.

Because the finish line is in front of you,

And you want to cross it that badly.

You don’t know what the prize is.

But you don’t care if there even is one.

Right now,

The world is just you and the goal.

Just keep running,

Because the future is in front of you.

And even if you fall,

You’ll get back up.


Because you can.

The marathon’s not over,

Not for you.

Nothing will get in your way.

You’ll make sure of it.

Just keep running.

Just keep running.

© Michael Goldstein

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3 Responses to Keep Running (For Boston)

  1. Jonathan says:

    This is great

  2. Shirley Margolis says:

    Such a wonderful poem in such a difficult time.
    very proud!!

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