An Important Announcement!!

Hey folks.  Previous events from last week (that will be left undisclosed) have led me to make a small (not really) revamp in my Directed Study Project.  If you recall, one of the components of my project would involve me writing twenty long poems; each one focusing on a particular, already-existing yokai.  I’ve already posted five of them since I time I started this blog, but I’ve suddenly had a stroke of inspiration.

I’ve decided to revamp all of the poems in my project and condense them into thirty individual tankas.  Now you’re probably asking yourself just what a hell a tanka is.  Well, a tanka (or ‘short song’) poem is like a haiku; but it isn’t.  A tanka is basically the longer cousin of the haiku, going up to 31 syllables in the syllable count.

A tanka commonly goes like this: 5 / 7 / 5 / 7 / 7.  

Normally, a tanka employs a pivotal image, which is when there is a transition from one image to the next.  However, since the goal of my project is to expose the yokai through creative writing, I basically ignored the pivotal image component of a tanka and focused on a single image in each one.

EDIT: I got this information from

Anyway, I play to upload a tanka a day, but I won’t upload any footnotes or explanations with them.  I’m taking the advice of my Directed Study professor and have each tanka poems speak for itself.  It’s up to the reader (yes, you) to examine what each yokai is.

Expect the first tanka to be up later today.

Until next time, see ya!

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