Flash-Folklore: Kujirasuna

Kujirasuna (くじらすな)

Have you ever wander across the sand late at night and heard the song of a whale?  It may not be coming from a whale, but from the very sand you’re walking on.  But who has ever heard of a whale that could swim in the sand?  Some say Kujirasuna is the ghost of a whale that died on the sand, but its soul leaked into the sand itself, giving it life.  Others say it’s the lost of a braggart fisherman who chewed more than he could catch.  Regardless of origin, clear skies and a calm shore will bring fear of this beast.  The only warning you will ever receive of its arrival is the strange, moaning song invading your ears.  Rising suddenly from the placid sand without warning, Kujirasuna will look like the blue head of a large baleen whale, its throat grooves fully expanded.  It feeds on the sand around it, larger and larger, casting a fat shadow over you.  Worse times are when Kujirasuna rises directly underneath you, casting you away a great distance.  Then, as fast as it appeared, it retreats back into the sand, leaving no trace whatsoever of its existence.  Perhaps this creature is composed entirely out of sand?

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NOTE: “kujirasuna” translates into English as “whale sand.”

Feedback is always appreciated.

Kujirasuna © Michael Goldstein

Until next time, see ya!

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