Back From Spring Break . . .

Well, spring breaks is over for me and now I’m entering the final two months of my time here at Clark University.  But I do have a few things to look forward to besides Graduation:

1) I’m attending PAX East in Boston in two weeks time.  This is going to be the first convention I have ever attended, and I’ll be going with friends who invited me.  I figure this is the best to prep myself for Anime Boston (which I will also be going to with friends).  Now I just need to learn how the train station works.

2) I have a course registered for the Clark University Splash Program.  I’m going to be teaching a course on what the yokai are all about on April 20th.  I have plans to have my lecture taped!  I’m really excited and I’ll post more details on this in time.

3) I’ll also be presenting on the yokai on Academic Spree Day on April 24th.


As you can see, I’m clearly going places, but don’t think this will stop me from posting my Flash-Folklore and poems.  Again, feedback is always appreciated.


Until next time, see ya!

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