Flash-Folklore: Namekuji

Namekuji (なめくじ)

When a snail or slug reaches an advanced age, it develops magical powers and gains the potential to grow to an immense size and walk just as men do.  Namekuji are known to be as tall as men, but their arms and legs are stubby.  The slimy substance that layers its entire is said to steal the soul of men who touch it.  They have become incredibly obese, but they are still very agile, and this is best demonstrated in their favorite pastime.  On warm, summer nights, many Namekuji, both big and small, will congregate in empty sumo arenas and partake in traditional, sumo bouts.  They grapple with each other just as human sumo wrestlers do while the rest cheer on, but the slime on their bodies tends to fly all over the ring during their matches.  These matches can last for hours, and they can even fall asleep during matches.  What is more, they are known to be quite slothful and are known to sleep for days, often continuing their bouts upon waking up.  While Namekuji don’t interact with humans, the only thing that can propel them to leave the sumo arena is the throwing of salt.  This is mainly why you will see sumo wrestlers throw salt into the ring before a bout, in order to scatter the Namekuji sleeping in the ring and to destroy the slime that Namekuji excreted.

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NOTE: “namekuji” translates into English as “slug.”

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Namekuji © Michael Goldstein

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1 Response to Flash-Folklore: Namekuji

  1. Jonathan says:

    I always wondered what and why Sumo wrestlers through into the ring before they started their bout. Very cool and very informative.

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