Flash-Folklore: Kiirome

Kiirome (きいろめ)

It is very unwise to play games with hungry spirits.  For example, to blink in a staring contest is to forfeit your soul to the hungry Kiirome.  Flat as a leaf, as tall as a man, it silently waits on the tree for any passing prey.  No one knows what it truly looks like, as its skin blends so well with the tree it lives on.  The only thing prey will see before their souls is ripped out by a horribly longue tongue is a pair of large, yellow eyes.  You see, Kiirome really enjoys staring contests, and most of his prey always blinks before it can run.  So Kiirome always gets a good meal.  If you find yourself face to face with Kiirome, don’t blink and don’t panic.  Kiirome will only attack the second you blink.  All you have to do to beat Kiirome is to keep your eyes wide open and walk eight paces backward from the spot you first made eye contact with the scaly predator.  Once eight steps have been made, Kiirome will shut its eyes, no longer seeing you as a competitor in its territory.

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NOTE: “kiirome” translates into English as “yellow eyes.”

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Kiirome © Michael Goldstein

Until next time, see ya!

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