Flash-Folklore: Tamanegi

Alright, you waited for it, and now here it is: the first of my Flash-Folklore pieces.  Enjoy!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Tamanegi (たまねぎ)

Do you suddenly find yourself in tears when you’re preparing onions for dinner? It’s not the smell of the vegetable that makes you cry, it is actually the malevolent prank of Tamanegi.  The spirit sitting in its vegetable home has not yet changed its form.  To this day, no human knows what Tamanegi even looks like when it stills rests in its house.  It remains formless, for it does not know yet the saddest memory of the person trying to open its house.  When the onion is peeled, that is when he breaks loose, in front of its releaser, transforming into that person’s saddest memory.  It is such a memory that only the victim, say you, of Tamanegi’s act can see, but no one else can.  Thus, tears begin to fall from the eyes like a light shower.  As the onion is being chopped, he keeps that memory in front of your face, until he has had his fill.  There is no defense against such a cruel prank, no defense against the reality of what has already occurred.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

NOTE: “tamanegi” literally means “onion” in Japanese.

Tamanegi © Michael Goldstein

Until next time, see ya!

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