Welcome to the Night Parade . . .

Greetings, fellow bloggers.  My name is Michael Goldstein and I am currently in the second half of my Senior year at Clark University in Worcester, MA.  I have created this blog as a means of displaying my writings that derive from the components of my Directed Study.


What is my Directed Study Project, you ask?  I have decided to conduct a Creative Writing Project focusing on the strangest, spookiest, and most under-appreciated monsters in any folklore in the world: the yōkai of Japan.


My Directed Study project consists of four components:

  • 20 Poems focusing on already-existing yōkai
  • 20 self-invented ‘flash-folktales,’ each one featuring a yōkai of my own design
  • 1 Short Story
  • 1 Essay (which may not be featured on her depending on how I feel)


This blog will have three functions:

  • To showcase my creative writing skills in a semiprofessional environment
  • To serve as an outlet for more ideas I devise once my Directed Study Project is complete
  • To create a cultural awareness and a better appreciation of a specific aspect of Japan that is constantly overlooked.  I want to transform the yōkai from a mere textbook footnote into a full-fledge area of discussion and study.  In fact, my goal in life is to visit Japan and fully expose myself to everything the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer. 


As I post my writings, I am open to feedback of all kinds.  Expect the first posts to appear soon.


Enjoy your stay . . . .

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Night Parade . . .

  1. Steven Spitz says:

    You go Michael! You are a GODzilla!

  2. Nancy Bushell says:

    Go Mikey!!
    love your writing

  3. Shirley Margolis says:

    Mikey you are terrific.
    We love all your work.
    Keep it up!
    Nana and Poppy

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